Disabilities and Wellness Services

Our Disabilities and Wellness support services take a coordinated approach for working with children with disabilities, building a culture of inclusion at Educare.  Parents and education staff are supported by a Disabilities & Wellness Supervisor who helps to implement both internal and external supports for children with both suspected and diagnosed learning disabilities. This is done using an interdisciplinary approach that supports the child, parent, and staff.

We offer:

  • Use of consultation with a developmental therapist to create strategies that support the child’s developmental capacity in the classroom and at home.
  • Use of consultation with mental health providers to support the child’s social-emotional needs and provide strategies to both parents and education staff.
  • Partnering with Early Intervention and Chicago Public Schools for eligibility of services.
  • Parent education and support regarding their child’s educational rights, understanding IDEA, and social-emotional and developmental needs.
  • Use of inclusion aides to support children in the classroom.
  • Use of playgroup room and sensory room for children.
  • Creation of educational plans to ensure inclusion and individualization is a part of lesson planning.
  • Ongoing professional development for all staff to meet the needs of children with disabilities, including education, nutrition, health and social-emotional well-being.
  • Individual and group wellness sessions for parents and staff with contracted mental health providers.