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About Educare Chicago

Educare Chicago was founded in 2000 as an innovative early childhood education program providing comprehensive services to children and families in Chicago’s Grand Boulevard neighborhood. Educare has spawned a national network of 25 schools and has reimagined what it means to educate our earliest learners.  

Educare Chicago was founded by Start Early after years of working with children and families in the Grand Boulevard community. Start Early is a Chicago-based organization working to give children the best chance for success in school and in life by advocating for and providing the highest-quality care and education from birth to age five. 

Start Early’s work prior to the opening of Educare Chicago provided critical insight into the Educare model.  Based on four core principles: intensive family engagement, continual professional development, high quality teaching practices and data utilization; the Educare model has been shown to prepare children for kindergarten in multiple developmental categories. 

Apply for our Gold Circle of Quality accredited program today! Income is an eligibility requirement for our Early Head Start/Head Start program.