Health and Nutrition Services

Our Health and Nutrition support services work to support healthy growth and development for Educare’s children and families. This is done by partnering with families, the health care system, and members of an interdisciplinary team to help families achieve healthy outcomes. At Educare, the Health and Nutrition team delivers services and engagement that align with Head Start Performance Standards for health services.   

The following health and nutrition services are offered:


  • Use of a contracted nurse consultant who is available to support and provide training to both parents and staff.
  • Partner with Family Support Services to engage families around the health needs of their children. 
  • Accessibility assistance to health coverage.  
  • Assist families with identifying and accessing medical and dental homes.
  • Identify whether children are up to date on their EPSDT and immunization requirements.
  • Offer on-site hearing and vision screenings.
  • Support positive oral health practices during program hours and promotion of continued positive oral health practices at home.
  • Develop and implement Individualized Healthcare Plans (IHPs) for children with special healthcare needs in collaboration with families, the medical home, and other related service providers. 
  • Help families identify and overcome barriers to completing further diagnostic testing, follow-up, and treatment. 


  • Use of a contracted registered dietitian who is available to support and provide training to both parents and staff.
  • Support individual child and adult nutritional needs, preferences, and special dietary requirements, including feeding recommendations for infants (breastfeeding, introduction of solids) and young children (food allergy/ intolerance, portion size, BMI). 
  • Promotion of healthy nutrition that provides a home and center-based connection.
  • Provide resources and events that provide the opportunity to gain and practice healthy nutrition at home.
  • Promotion of family-style dining, access to Educare’s garden to harvest fruits and vegetables, and Cooking Matters (an annual six-week program for parents to engage around ways of cooking and eating healthier with their families).